Mission Statement

With Headquarters in Seattle, WA and Jersey City, NJ- Creativity Under The Surface is a curated platform featuring the Hiphop, Fashion, and Art of a creative culture. We are an entity that focuses on rejuvenating and maintaining the vast proponents of artistic expression, as our mission is fundamentally grounded in the appreciation of individual perspective. We offer a handpicked few the opportunity to have an online presence that runs independently of their own networks, where they can connect with local and abroad entities that were previously unreachable. – THE CUTS TEAM

Est. August 2015

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CUTS Team and Contributors

Visual DirectorTrue Pic

“True” is the brilliant mind behind the magazine layout and also reigns as a visual media extraordinaire. With deep roots in both the digital media realms and the art world, True has been creating and implementing great craftsmanship for over a decade. Native to Jersey City, NJ, the eclectic design and grimy composure of True’s material has landed him in the heart of many artistic voyages. Previously networking with the Boombox Family, True is most notably credited with the album artwork for Nitty Scott MC’s “Boombox Diaries Vol. 1” featuring the likes of Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, and Araab Muzik.

Marvin Ryles
Chief EditorMarvin Westin Vancity

“There is a difference between interesting and entertaining. A distinct tone that mingles with a well delivered vocabulary essentially builds a bridge between idea and comprehension. Concept and context should remain obtainable as if to teach without judgement, inspire with purpose, and ask to be understood. Apply these contentions to what you desire from the writer, and demand that he or she STICKS TO IT.”-Marvin

Ryan Summers
In-House Photographer

CUTS In-House Photographer - Ryan Summers

Jones Herald


Joaquin Moncada
Photographic Affiliate

Joshua Reyes
Photographic Affiliate

Chau Le
CUTS Fashion Ambassador

Media Partners
*Pretend Living Productions*


Media Contributors

Ruby Macdonald (Interviewer)
“GenreShoots” (Photog)
Nas Mercado (Writer)
Jonz Herald (Writer)
Dakota Santiago (Photog)