Underground HipHop consists of passionate artists looking to take their crafts to the ultimate heights. Between numerous hours in the studio and even more hours marketing themselves to the masses, there is a long list of contributions made in perfecting both skill and perspective. NJ rapper Yaboiilex is the exact culmination of these truths. Between writing his own lyrics, creating beats, and designing album art- Lex truly sits comfortably within the Modern Renaissance we are experiencing today. With his newest project entitled “Heart on my Sleeve” set to drop early next month, we had a chance to catch up with Lex and have a little lighthearted conversation about a few things.

What  sparked the energy for you to focus on becoming a HipHop artist?

Yaboiilex: I actually started producing beats on fruity loops at the age of 9 and started writing rhymes and taking music serious at the age of 13. My two older brothers were a big reason I even wanted to make music to begin with, and they were inspired by my father who was a musician and a B-Boy back in the day. So I guess you can say it’s just in my genes.

Since the day you started to rap, what has been your favorite moment as an artist?

Yaboiilex: Oh man, every single moment is golden to me for the simple fact that my music is a reflection of my life and my thoughts. Every time I put out music, I give the listeners a piece of me, and that in itself is special. As of recent, my favorite moments are hearing the final product of records I’ve currently been working on.

With your album “Heart on my Sleeve” being released next month, What can listeners expect from this particular body of work?

Yaboiilex: They title is pretty much the truth. From records like “Paranoid” expressing the thoughts of doubt in my head, to records like “Now You Know” where I open up about issues I faced in a past relationship. Ultimately, every record came from a unique place in my life and has a valuable meaning that I want to share with the world.

Any idea when we will see a complete project from you and IzzyNyce?

Yaboiilex: Oh definitely within the next year no doubt. We’re already working on it but we’re just waiting to release both of our individual projects first before we put out the ‘YaboiiNyce’ collab.

If you could take three rappers, put them into one, and make the ultimate rapper, who would they be?

Yaboiilex: Easy. J-cole, Drake, & Kendrick Lamar… the rappers name would be ‘J-Drizzy Lamar’ haha.

Would you rather hear a song with dope verses and a wack chorus, or wack verses with a dope chorus?

Yaboiilex: Damn that’s a good question! I always remember the chorus of a new song before the verse so, I would prefer a dope chorus.

Any shoutouts for those who have helped you become the musician you are today?

Yaboiilex: I would like to shout out TCMG for looking me out and providing a platform for me to perform at the time, That definitely helped me with my stage presence. Id like to shout Citoonthebeat for letting me be an engineer at his studio and helping me develop my engineering skills. I’m also inspired by a lot of the artists in Jersey City like PeteyxKraze, King Tjay, Azis, IzzyNyce, and many other talented artist. I also would like to shout out my two older brothers Elias and Xavier the reason I even thought of making music to begin with. But overall, life and everything that comes with the ups and downs are what inspire me and help me grow as an artist. It feels like I’ve came a long way since 9 years old but the journey has just begun and I still have A LOT to learn.


*Heart on my Sleeve drops 1/07/18*