International perspective is an engaging experience when coupled with flash-and-shutter. We tend to become desensitized to the cultural aspects of art that we identify with, and before we know it, it feels as if we are plagued with over-saturation. Taking the time to step back and comb through artistic visions abroad is not only creatively inspiring, but completely refreshing in the same breath.

Straight out of Jakarta, Indonesia, photographer Cak Bass Motret has an astounding attention to detail as he captures the pure elegance of his subject. Each frame speaks with vibrance and tells a story to the interpretive eye. With help from the diverse landscape of Jakarta, Cak keeps a great balance between the professional poise of his model and the natural essence that dwells within their character.

The beauty in Cak’s work lies in his ability to promote the feminine physique without catering to explicit norms. While it lacks a risque direction, the magnificence of the overall capture is vivid and treated with a positive glow. Cak separates his craft from a massive lineage of overexposed models screaming for attention, and focuses on the intricate image of a woman as whole. While the final pieces are ‘soft’ in a sense, the entire production from beginning to end has been seeded, nurtured, and tended to with the utmost care and class.



Big ups to the homie Cak for practicing his art in the truest form. And we are sure there are plenty of great opportunities coming for such budding potential. From Indonesia to New Jeru, see you soon.