Modern Photography has undoubtedly sparked a flame across the globe. While street photos have become the essence of East Coast perspective, style and technique still separates one well crafted vision from the next. A speechless voice that connects with intent is key, as visual creatives are held in high esteem when their talent is worth more than 1000 words.

Jersey City photographer Ase Stone is a prime example of an underground creative with tremendous potential. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ase has gifted the world with an array of portraits shot in the heart of the Tri-State area. From a unisex collection of street style photos Ase balances the characteristics of model and purpose perfectly, all the while creating a vivid display for the eye to consume.


There is a beauty in the rawness seen through Ase’s lens that draws you into his work. Ase has complete control over subject and setting, and bangs out concise edits during postproduction that gives the shots an overall clean finish. When you ask a photographer “What motivates you to shoot?”, most times you will hear something to the extent of “I want the world to see through my eyes”. And while usually that is the standard answer, Ase actually delivers a product with such a North Jersey consistency that you can almost smell the chicharron and mofongo cooking in the distance.

With no interpreter needed, photography is the language one eye uses to speak to the next. If you are fluent in the arts, you will see that Ase Stone is a budding professional within his personal sight and direction. Not only are we glad to have come across his current work, but we also can not wait to see what the future holds for such a talented photographer.