• Opening their doors earlier this month, Sean and Lance of Ink Smith’s Screen Printing are bringing both a service and invitation to PNW artists. The super young startup has already began connecting with a few inspired creatives, and plan on building upon that exact template for years to come. Photographer Ryan Summers and I took a little trip to check out the Ink Smith’s shop in Puyallup, WA, and had a chance to meet with some of the first artists displaying their work on location.

Front of the Shop

Ink Smith’s Screen Printing is a collaboration of fabric printing and design in the back, with a huge panel of windows displaying clothes and crafts from budding artists up front. On one of the busiest roads in Puyallup (with 19,000 cars passing by the shop a day), and the only shop with this particular business model for miles- Sean and Lance are truly headed in the right direction.

There is a variety of different niches amongst the first wave of artistry. Created by 19 year old Blake Khal, the Skate/Surf/Snowboarding brand PNWGoons displays its first design ever on a mannequin in front of the shop. The shelves are full of hand crafted leather goods from a brand called “Light Vessels” as well as individually carved-and-lasered pieces created by “West Coast Laser Design”. Sean and Lance also have their own personal clothing brands tucked away on the shelves, but most certainly, the other brands are front and center.

Besides being a great place to get prints on fabric, the genuine intent to allow local brands to showcase their work, is remarkable. The potential here is astronomic. And if these boys keep their eyes on the true prize ahead, I have a feeling this will be a concrete place for creativity. Thanks again to owners Sean and Lance for allowing us to come by and see their shop, and also to all the brands trying to pursue their calling. Until next time…