The Essence Clothing is an elite outerwear brand born and bred in the heart of New York. With an immense detail to fabric patterns and layering, The Essence carries a culmination of high quality goods with a street aesthetic. Designer Jonathan Goldberg captures a full range of NY style within the sheer threads of urban design. And while the brand has been accredited by some of the pioneers of 90’s hiphop, it has also been seeded as an authentic staple in the underground streetwear scene as well.

The Essence’s Fall/Winter ’17 Collection entitled “Life on a Rail” combines two concrete concepts of NY fashion. For one, the art of draping garments created with warmer fabrics such as neoprene and black wool are just the kickstart of defense against the elements. But also, the exaggerated fit of the pieces create a cohesive feel for both an appealing style and a desired purpose. From heavily quilted anorak jackets designed for an unforgiving winter, to the lighter variety of Army and Leopard print ponchos- the luxurious seams of high quality streetwear remain golden for each transition throughout the season.

On the flip side, The Essence Clothing has also blessed us with a sneak peak into their Spring/Summer ’18 Collection as well, entitled “Bungalow 79”. These pieces follow the brands excessive layering technique but also provide the necessary adjustments towards breathe-ability. Utilizing lighter cotton fabrics in both mesh and opaque forms, an innovative textile approach has worked wonders towards the brands success. The idea behind it all goes further than a propped insignia pasted on the heart of each item. In fact, the tailored cuts and manipulations within the designs bring about a unique experience for the wearer, but more importantly, maintain the integrity of the brands true vision. Without a doubt, The Essence shines on both the sidewalks and runways of NYC, and continues to have an impact on streetwear and hiphop culture for years to come.




To capture brilliance and ingenuity in one profound swoop is the gift of true artistic potential. Jonathan Goldberg and The Essence Clothing have been solidified by the culture both high and low, and have established a promising future as creative purveyors of our time. There are those who fly-by-night, while others, simply fly. But when it comes down to who’s the flyest, only a few can contest with the true elites of the design world. 

The Essence Clothing