Knowing the lane in which your creative vehicle should drive in is a hard task to begin with. But when you start to figure out the inner workings of your machine, the sheer individuality of your successes will become your motivating force. Music artist Jordan Ward is beginning to grow into himself sonically and the results have been impressive to say the least. With his first release entitled “Tapas” which dived into the finer linings of a great life, his newest visuals for “LaLaLand” are complemented by lyrics of determination and hopes of further progress. What makes Jordan so dope is his laid-back bravado mixed in with a comforting flow and topic structure. What is also a nice addition are the short choreography touches amongst the art piece, as most of Jordan’s life has been based around the dance culture. All in all this record is cooler than Arthur Fonzarelli himself, and a must hear for the melodic Hiphop head.