The Little Black Dress Gala (hosted by the Help Change My City Alliance) wrote another great chapter of Vancity’s Fashion history last weekend. Photographer Justin Sanchez and I drove across the border to be a part of LBDGala for our 3rd season to date. As we entered into the elegant Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, we were once again stuck in awe at the designs and models that took to the runway. And without a doubt, the Little Black Dress Gala has upped its intensity, and put on a great presentation for a classy array of attendees.

Yi Ling

Bahareh Memarian

ShyanJ Couture


Vancity’s high-fashion sector has become a staple within the natural growth of the city. The intimacy amongst the designs are custom fitted to the BC aesthetic, and furthermore define a crucial part of Vancouver’s artistic taste. Tenured professionals such as Bahareh Memarian and Kim Legler put on astounding performances, per the usual. Designer Michelle Beaulieu of MIECHIE was a first time viewing for us, but cataloged great with draping textures and interesting color choices. Yi Ling had an eclectic showcase as well, bringing forth light blue hues with pure white fabrication that shone excellently across the runway lights. A number of seasoned vets and aspiring up-and-comers had their chance to display their creations to the hundreds of viewers in attendance.


Kim Legler

AK Home and Kalau Interiors

Every time the Little Black Dress Gala presents this fabulous event, the progression and forward focus of the brand is apparent. Local artistry continues to be a grandiose proclamation for Vancity’s developing scene. Between the professional seamstress qualities and overall knowledge of sartorial quandaries- the LBDGala represents a keen perspective on designer wear. Thank you for always being the trustworthy support system on and off the runway. And of course, we will be back again for another chapter of your journey. ┬áBig Shout out to Sarah Hooker who always holds it down for the CUTS boys.

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Little Black Dress Gala