Global Fashion Collective is a new concept developed by our colleagues over at Vancouver Fashion Week. It serves as a collaborative effort in introducing independent designers to a variety of fashion markets. Most recently, GFC has taken some of the most talented individuals in the business and provided them a slot in Amazon’s Fashion Week Tokyo. Amongst the few chosen were a number of Canadian designers alongside a few international brands as well.

Sam Stringer


Kirsten Ley

The magic that resonates across the art and design realms will never fade throughout the threads of time. Names such as Sam Stringer, Wildfraulien 71, and Kirsten Ley bring sensational value to the eye as it gazes across the fabric and intimate aesthetics of their work. While Stringer masters a regal touch to her “Embers and Ashes” collection, Wildfraulien 71 embraces a more renaissance saveur through layered tailoring and pattern execution. While these designs flourish amongst a traditional standard of sartorial prowess, a fashion show wouldn’t be such without the abstract counterparts of the machine…

Lillz Killz

Evan Clayton

Alex S. Yu

Saint Jesus

Punk Rock paradigm Lillz Killz presented her “Profanity” collection which displays an unforgiving ambrosia of explicit tastes. Also joining the fun was Blanche Macdonald’s Evan Clayton, who is known for his robust textile selection and risqué application to the female anatomy. All in all, each of the designers that joined forces with the Global Fashion Collective are creative essences with unlimited potential. From the colors and cuts, to the textures and appliqués- the combined strength was delivered through the individual assets of the designers. Each artist brought their A-game and ended up shining with brilliance down the Amazon Fashion Week runway.

Domo Arigatou.