The culture is resonating with creative strength and kinetic energy. Photographer Jordan Ting and Model Tristan Cabida are a visual duo executing their craft for clothing brands both local and abroad. Stemming from Vancouver, BC, these two innovative minds have been working nonstop by connecting and creating relationships with designers and companies, and implementing an original strategy for the curious eye. Not only is the unique perspective of Jordan Ting a phenom of its own, but the “Character-Based” modelling that Tristan Cabida incorporates into his image is also a strong direction to boot. We had a chance to catch up with Jordan and Tristan, and find out a little more of this young tag team doing big things in the PNW.

So it’s almost been a year since you guys became a Model/Photographer duo. What has the experience been like thus far?

Jordan: [laughs] It’s crazy to think that it’s almost been a full year since we’ve decided to take each other up as business partners. Man, it’s been an incredible journey so far. There have been countless amounts of ups and downs along the way, all of which have played pivotal roles along the journey. I always knew that I wanted to put in the work and make an impact somewhere, but never exactly envisioned having someone else join me in doing so. Since we’ve teamed up, we’ve worked with a variety of brands and companies, and with each partnership we obtained came a greater experience. I hadn’t flown on a plane until earlier this year when we decided to fly to Los Angeles together in hopes of meeting other creative individuals and companies. Shortly after that we flew out to New York to shoot  and connected with local individuals as well. Those two moments define the experience thusfar, and have been the highlights for sure.

Tristan: I’m honestly so blessed to have a partner like Jordan. I’d say it’s very rare to find someone who shares a similar mental frequency. In a sense, we are almost polar opposites, yet our hustle is identical. With regards to our distinctive personalities, I feel that we definitely balance each other out which is why we are able to cooperate quite effectively. Whenever I’m too gassed and I get too high in my head, he manages to pull me back to neutrality with an alternate perspective. I feel that, in any partnership, this type of relationship is not only optimal, but necessary. He fills my blind spots, and I fill his. Together we’ve accomplished quite a lot and there’s so much more coming in the future.

Working with clothing brands from LA to London, Vancouver to NYC- what has been some of your favorite shoots/pieces?

Tristan:  Some of my favorite packages we got were definitely from Kollar Clothing, Other UK, and Bodaskins! Kollar clothing has a unique set of pieces which I definitely enjoyed modeling for. We have developed a great relationship with OTHER UK as we have worked with them 3x  this past year! They always have some dope stuff coming our way. The Bodaskins jacket I received must have been my absolute favorite piece due to the phenomenal quality and overall aesthetic of the jacket- I wear that one all the time.

Jordan: I always mention to Tristan that our first editorial ever (for Other UK) will always be amongst my favorite shoots. It was special day due to it being a ‘do or die’ moment for us. I never would have thought we’d be doing so much more following after. I really felt the wardrobe during that day too, and even now, I’m still rocking that black bomber! Another shoot that I really enjoyed was during our trip to New York when we shot for Stationary Denim in an alley in SoHo. It was an amazing feeling to execute our expertise in a different country. Huge shout-out to Other UK and Stationary Denim for treating us so well!

Without giving too much away, can you tell us more about your “Character-Based” modeling?

Tristan:  We started with a cloth-mask which was a rising trend in the industry. I started wearing a lot of black clothing pieces and, unconsciously, I began channeling this alternate side of myself which ended up meshing with the whole vibration of the aesthetic. I knew that if I didn’t name the character, then people would just think it was Tristan in a cloth mask. After our trip to LA, we decided to give him a name. I came up with Stixx. From there, we created a web-series based on this character and several others that I also play.

How was your recent trip to NYC?

J & T: It was definitely an experience to remember. Everywhere, all the time, something was happening. You always hear the ‘city that never sleeps’, but until you’re in it, you’ll never understand. We had our eyes wide open at the fact that everyone simply HUSTLES. The energy there is incomparable to what you would experience here in Vancouver. Our pace when we are in Vancouver is nothing short of ‘go go go’, but being there it was like ‘GO GO GO!!!!!’. The energy will either make you or break you. Everyone that we met up with there definitely showcased their own personal work ethic. They all had their own dreams to chase and you could tell that nothing was going to stop them from achieving it. We definitely had to come back home and work ten-times harder after experiencing the energy there.

Being from Vancouver, what do you think about the city’s fashion aesthetic?

Tristan: I believe that Vancouver is lacking it’s personal distinction of fashion. It isn’t a bad thing, however, in my opinion, we just have a light mixture of several other cultures of fashion but nothing, to me, screams Vancouver fashion when you see it.

Jordan: Vancouver definitely still has a lot to offer to the world in terms of its own aesthetic! Developing your own style that will be seen as unique by other parts of the world is no easy task. I’m excited to see where things will be within the next 5 years!

Any new projects coming up you’d like to tell us about?

Tristan: We are currently working on the second installment of “The Chronicles Of Stixx” which will feature a brand new story, an addition of new characters, a new look, and several new clothing pieces to be featured.

Which Fashion items should every man own?

Tristan: All men should own a pair of black combat boots to stomp in and a pair of Common Projects Achilles Lows. These are ESSENTIALS in my closet and I literally wear these all the time; They are both super versatile and with the amount of wear they get, the price is definitely worth it. The silhouettes of these two pieces are absolutely gorgeous and will bring a sleek, distinctive, look to any outfit.

Model Tristan Cabida
Photographer Jordan Ting