If you ask us, model Jessica Rose is both timeless and ageless. But October 6, 2017 marked another revolution around the sun for one of the most exquisite beings the planet has ever laid eyes on. With local artists performing at the Transmission Nightclub in Jersey City, people from all over the NJ/NY area attended the event to celebrate, appreciate, and experience the existence of Jessica Rose.




Idania and Jessica Rose

With flawless jet black hair and dressed to the nines, Jessica Rose included some of the most thoroughbred NJ heads on the roster as the night became filled with dope artistry and creative content. Idania and TCMG were definitely in the building and holding it down for J. Rose per the usual. Rap group PeteyxKraze are always a generous touch of sound waves and immense energy, as well as 070Tree who took the stage for an amazing set to boot. The collective consciousness that travels through the air every time my hometown comes together in unity, is indescribable to say the least.


J. Rose and Pineapple Citi

Cito on the Beat made a musical appearance both in the forefront and back, and has been making noise across the East Coast for a few years now. There were dudes like TeeWhy Infamous in the crowd who’s known for his appearances in the NY Battle Scene, and femcees like Pineapple Citi who recently appeared on the “Sway in the Morning” show in Cali. To see some of the incredible talent congregating for such a special moment continues to be the essence of the underground. It is times like these where you look around and have to say ‘We are the future of the industry’.

Happy Birthday Ms. Jessica Rose, and we are looking forward to another year of prosperity and success.