Fresh off a European Tour with Juke Bounce Werk artists Kush Jones and Swisha, Juke/Footwork DJ BASSBEAR!!┬áis set to release a 7-track project entitled “Under Pressure” later this month. BASSBEAR!! combines club music with a grimy undertone that either moves your feet or breaks your neck. The album is a collective of samples placed atop high bpm rhythms that resonates the classic Footwork aesthetic. Signed under a record label called “Materia/Loveless” (all my FFVII heads know what’s up), BASSBEAR!! uses a variety of elements in order to keep the Under Pressure project well-rounded and concise. With collaborative efforts from Swisha and Queens Poet GETOVERHER, as well as pieces intertwined with a UK sound structure, the project holds itself accountable as an intricate banger and an evolved form of what we know the Juke/Footwork genre to be. Our favorite track of Under Pressure is entitled “Grease Mode”.