The embodiment of fashion that floods the Chinese Cultural Center during this fine season has been both invigorating and humbling, to say the least. As we journeyed over to Vancity for our 5th season as Media Partners, we came to the realization that Vancity is, undeniably, our second home. To be graced by design and ambition at the epicenter of Vancouver Fashion Week is always a memorable time again and again.


Charly Thorn



Rabia Dastgir


Fashion Designers from all over the world came to attend the exquisite presentation that VFW orchestrates. ODYSAY captured the crowd with transparent textures that sat perfectly across the well-styled models. While the immaculate patterns woven into the wears of Rabia Dastgir were finished with an intimate touch, the explicit dis-sensory of Lillz Killz created a havoc with bright vibrations across the VFW runway. The vast enchantment of different creeds continued to engage with the attendees, and spread around different energies throughout the course of the night.

Lillz Killz



Elham Safaei



The Summer/Spring collections always shine with perfection under the lights, displaying eclectic hues and creative character. Personalities are perpetuated through the fabrication process, and placed on the stage for the world to see. Quality and brilliance spoke from the Sepi garments as they decorated the runway with dark decadence, but represented the season completely with the occasional flower patterning. Designer Charly Thorn was a phenomenal display of electric blue and white that blanketed the the venue with a light breeze kind of vibe, but remained doused in the classic elements of fashion.

As our three day trip started to come an end, our final presentations were for the books.

Designer brand Mouton Blanc was a jaw dropping collective of fur and lace. Draping garments of dark texture announced their presence to the attentive eyes. The balance from the brand was delivered between refined and ravishing- catching the style of a contemporary soul with exquisite tastes. As for the finale, Vancity Designer King & Reign unraveled the show with a live performance with choreography and live vocals. The show transcended into a fantastic arrangement of Womenswear. King & Reign created art drenched in the form of divine technique. The momentum of the designs cascaded down the catwalk amidst turning heads and pointed phones. Long silks and handcrafted cottons deserved praise as they passed by, making the last rush of excitement worth the long haul.

King and Reign

thanks to everyone that assisted in the success of the show, and helped us along on our travels. Big shouts to Jamal Abdourahman, Coordinator Megan Clapham, and Marketing Coordinator Chau Le. Hope everyone enjoyed the festivities, and see you next season.

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