Defining itself as Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll, the streetwear brand Artistix is the holy trinity of immaculate concepts. Designed by the elite art visionary Greg Polisseni and Marketed by the late great Andy Hilfiger, Artistix embarked on it’s 3rd adventure down a New York Fashion Week runway, and unraveled into the VIP rooftop party of the year.

The runway show took place at the modernized facilities of Metropolitan West located in midtown Manhattan. With the newest collection bearing the name Evolution, Polisseni creatively embraced the unique blends and textiles the Artistix brand is known for, but also displayed a few extra zings for the seasoned palate. Since their last collection “Harvest”, the Artistix brand has continued to build atop solid grounds with unwavering vitality, which has ultimately equated success for the young company.


“I feel like the human race has stopped growing. I think in the world today everybody’s too fucking greedy and selfish, and will do whatever it takes to get one goddam step further in life. We need to step back, learn, and take care of each other. We stopped evolving in the 70’s, now it’s time to continue growing as a whole.” -Greg Polisseni

Greg Polisseni x Andy Hilfiger x DJ Cassidy

As the last piece departed from the runway, the crowd gave its final applause for an outstanding production and it was officially time to celebrate. Conveniently located a few doors down, the Hudson Terrace nightclub was set to host to rooftop after-party for the Artistix attendees. With ill vibes from DJ Cassidy knocking through the speakers, there were a few recognizable faces amongst the crowd of excited participants. Ms. Tori Brixx was in the building, sporting a black long coat and designer stunner’s, along with Shiggy (from the Shiggy Show) and FatBoy SSE who are both known for their hilarious skits and monologues on Instagram.

Tori Brixx and Shiggy

FatBoy SSE


DJ Cassidy

Between the heartfelt speeches given by both Greg and Andy, the articulate representation of style by all whom attended, and the beautiful combination of culture and art clashing into one- the night had been full of character and great company. The music was fitting, the night was young, and the rest is a sacred memory for everyone who participated in its divinity. Special thanks to Giana Elenterio for being the best PR candidate on the planet. See you all soon.