For the past 4 consecutive seasons, CUTS has been official Media Partners with Vancouver Fashion Week. VFW S/S 2018 will begin on September 18th, 2017, and will also mark another season that we get to attend a wonderful presentation. Until then, check out some of the amazing designers and models we have connected with throughout the years, featuring original photos and videos from our previous coverage.

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F/W 2017

“There is mystery, and there is magic- thankful for us, Vancouver Fashion Week seems to always capture a mixture of both. With natives from both sides of the border filling up the roster of our Media Partner team this season, it was a wonderful experience seeing everyone work with such harmony and truly dedicating themselves to their professed artistry. VFW has welcomed us through the doors for our 4th season of Exclusive Coverage, and every season has been a great opportunity to connect with talented individuals, as well as spread the grand word of VanFashionWeek’s excellence.”

S/S 2017

“The CUTS team ventured across the border once again to take part in the biggest fashion event this side of the planet.Vancouver Fashion Week has been a must-do for us ever since we launched last year in August. Being our third consecutive season as Media Partners for the event, we have become a bit more acclimated to the show as a whole, but the excitement of the proceedings still brings about the showtime jitters as we attempt to capture the intense showmanship VFW has to offer. Without a doubt, it was an honor to meet all the new faces and minds who bathe in various forms of design aesthetic.”

F/W 2016

“The sheer power of design and culture continues to be an eclectic staple for Vancouver Fashion Week. The divinity of brilliance, nurtured in the essence of fabric and pattern, is always commonplace for such an immaculate event. For the27th season, Jamal Abdourahman (Founder of VFW) hosted over 100 designers ranging from solidified brands of elite tastes,  to emerging artists looking to leave a lasting impression.  For our second season, CUTS had the opportunity to not only mingle with world-class talent, but also experience the grandeur embedded in the threads of VFW’s legacy.”

S/S 2016

“Experiencing the awe of fascination will render the laws of attraction inevitable. To be touched by creative pattern and eccentric design brings a level of appreciation to the artistic realms of the Elite Fashion World. Texture and Palette;  Ideas and Innovation; Product and Display- are all tools utilized by brilliant minds in an attempt to transcend dreams into reality. This is more than just a runway. This is art in motion entangled with a vibrant selection of genuine spirits and unfathomable passion to boot. When the lights are on and the stage is yours, you will understand what it truly means to be a part of Vancouver Fashion Week.”