In this newest release entitled Shackles, Leuca continues to maintain altitude with vocal progression and common rhetoric. As a creative culture, we must stand with the vocalists who can actually sing rather than relying on mastering techniques and over-production. This is the essence of pure vibrations that Leuca possesses and ultimately gifts us with his creative content.

“I know some people who haven’t changed their mind set in years. And these same, same people. They try to tell me how to live. What is there to give??”

There is a passion in Leuca’s voice that surpasses the typical resonance of his generation, and certainly speaks to the heart and soul of reality. Since our last article featuring his song Soul(o), we recognize the growth and dedication Leuca has in his music. The fostering of his talent is evident and clear to the listening ear, and the CUTS Network is excited to see what is next for this budding talent.