Carling Jackson is a vivid portrait painter residing in Vancouver, BC. While being commissioned by professional athletes for personal pieces is phenomenal, Carling‘s natural style has been nurtured in the field of Humanity Art. Her vibrant strokes of oil decorate the canvas with photographic precision, and one can only wonder where such a magnificent essence was sparked from in the first place.

Carling started to devote her time to the arts after graduating with a degree in Black History. Her first oil painting was created in 2014 during her travels to the Street Child World Cup in Brazil. A month prior to the SCWC Rodrigo Kelton, the 14 year old captain of Team Brazil, was shot and killed by local drug traffickers. The tragedy of this young boy resonated within Carling and began her journey into a creative chasm. This was art for social change, and became a staple in Carling’s development as an artist.

Since then she has done work with Syrian Refugees, Civil Rights Activists, Indigenous Canadian Tribes, Shakir Caravan India (violence against women), and an global range of street children.

Alongside her humanitarian perspective, Carling is also commissioned by professional athletes for personal requests, as well as a few fun projects in the mix. Her client list includes names such as Michael Carter Williams (Charlotte Hornets), Jae Crowder (Boston Celtics), Amir Johnson (Former Toronto Raptor) and a slew of others. Renditions of ball players has gained Carling critical acclaim as a visual artist and completes the well-roundedness of her exquisite artistry.

With empathetic virtues for oppressed people and a talented touch of brilliance, Carling Jackson has had an immense impact amongst an array of soulful cultures. To bring awareness and social change in one hand, and elite entertainment in the other, it is clear that Vancouver is housing someone special. May the good fight continue through an artistic medium, and may the culture thrive throughout all of its participants.