Exclusive Premiere

Since the summer began, artists out of Paterson, NJ have been putting the hiphop game on smash. There has been a sudden revival of artistic qualities that wear the Hiphop insignia with pride and purpose. Today, we are hosting an Exclusive Premiere featuring an artist we have been following since the day we launched.

This track entitled “OMG” begins with a chilled-out flow scheme by rapper Ross Benji. Followed by a melodic chorus is our favorite femcee Jazzy, who last summer was featured on the opening track to Fabolous’ Summertime Shootout mixtape. Altogether, the song carries an energy through its vibrant instrumentation, and sat cohesively in the pocket from start to finish. While Jazzy is a tried-and-true CUTS Alumni, it was dope to encounter another E23 artist like Benji, as it seems the entire camp is full of underground talent. Produced by Ninoandretti, and filmed by Mastermind Richy- the entire production was both sonically and visually appealing, and yet another great piece of artistry stemming from the East Coast.