Danse Daimons is a Brooklyn elite with a solidified repertoire of classic hiphop. Receiving praise from platforms such as XXL, Hot97, and Mass Appeal, Danse has sustained longevity by sharpening his pen and strengthening the deep roots that birthed his creative style. Being both a breath of fresh air to the listening ear and a nightmare for rappers, it was only right we took a look at Danse’s venture over the last year and provide you with some of the dopest content bangin’ out from the East Coast.

Danse possesses a lyricist mentality with records that resonate purpose and street scholarship. At the center of the BKLYNSTICKUP team, alongside producer Chi Bheats, the essence of the “Fuck Fader” video (feat. Tray Pizzy) became an official contribution to hiphop due to its rebellious position against Industry Execs who dictate what good music is, rather than letting the culture decide for itself.

“At first it was the Shmoney Dance.
Now everybody Dabbin’ in those funny pants.”

His latest project entitled When They Give You Nothing has been the main focus since the year began. With three of the six tracks bearing visuals to match their context, the project itself can be defined as a well-rounded body of work, with unique character attributed to each song on the track list. While “We Be Outside” and “Violate” display an abrasive NY feel, the transitions into tracks like “Reasons” and “10 Bundles” allow fans to experience a more conceptual side to Danse’s penmanship. All in all, the EP holds something special for everyone, especially if pianos and boombap are the flavors you prefer to listen to.

In a world full of lean sipping zombies and mumble rap bullshit, the technical progression of Danse’s abilities has far outweighed the garbage that record labels are force feeding our culture. The upper echelon is acquired when an artist treats the studio in the same fashion a ball player treats the gym: A hundred bars from the foul line, a hundred layups in the booth, and understanding the competition, is all a part of the game. Danse is a certified All-Star in this thing we call Hiphop, and continues to drop the real for his team and audience. Big ups to Danse and the whole BKLYNSTICKUP familia, we respect the hustle you put in for the music that we love.