Cristina Pimienta aka Crispi is described as one of the dopest photographic minds of the East Coast. Currently residing on the outskirts of Miami, Crispi creates a divine perspective by capturing brands and models within sun-drenched sceneries and classic architecture. A Photography Graduate and lifelong creative, Crispi blends together her own personal perception with balanced brilliance and a ton of character.

Gabriela Barragan
The Hundreds

Anais Abikarram
Ami Clubwear

Armed with a 5D Mark iii, Crispi possesses the ability to bring photos to life with a professional poise and powerful post-production. It is apparent that her technique involves the skillfulness of an experienced shooter coupled with a fine-tuning from scholastic accreditation. Distinct in her approach to portrait photography, her attention to detail aligns perfectly with a qualitative casting of naturally beautified models and an illustrious history of talented artistry.


Danny CastaƱeda

The decorative celebration between model and lens comes alive during each click of the shutter. A monumental empowerment between all things present sets the proper tone for such masterful captures. Crispi delivers enchantment in a bottle- postulating the existence of an energy that resonates deep from the soul, and enlightens its host in artistic ways. To indulge is to favorably consume in abundance, but no matter how gluttonous ones taste may be, consumption of elite artwork shall never be deemed a sin.

Cristina “Crispi” Pimienta