Hip-hop culture shines at its finest when emcees equip themselves with pure knowledge of the art form. When the natural talent of a lyricist couples itself with a solid development of skill, the depth and character within the music is easily felt by hip-hop purists. Bars and verses instead of flows and melodies, content over context, and musicality rather than instrumentation- are all concepts loyal to a unique brand of hip-hop.

Toronto emcee Daniel Son pieces together ill components with a strong demeanor and vocal presence. After releasing a barrage of material in 2014 under an entity called Brown Bag Money, and connecting with Producer and Label group Crate Divizion (CDVZ) out of the UK, Daniel has been dropping monumental verses ever since.

For the passed few years, Daniel Son has consistently dropped gems alongside his BBM affiliate Saipher Soze and the Crate Divizion production team. In the beginning of 2015 he released an exclusive project with Crate Divizion entitled Moonshine Chemist, that carried seven doses of dope hiphop for the listening ear. The project was the first display of cohesiveness between Daniel and the Crate Divizion family, and ultimately began the fire in the belly of the beast.

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After the Moonshine Chemist project was released, Daniel Son and Saipher Soze joined forces to release the Divizion Rivals album, lightly named after Daniel’s affiliation to the Washington Redskins, and Saipher’s to the New York Giants. Also produced by Crate Divizion, Divizion Rivals continued traction between the entire crew and helped elevate the platform they started to create.

Daniel Son and Saipher Soze -On Set for the “Bueller, Ferris” video

The defining element that separates Daniel Son from a sudden emergence of hiphop prototypes, is the distinct love for the true pillars of rap music. He steers clear of the gimmicky party bullshit just as much as he stays away from letting catchy choruses carry him throughout a song. This is a dude that will challenge any emcee to a war with words and looks at the fancy chart topping garbage as more of a reason to continue spitting that hazmat lyricism. Most recently, he released another full-body worth of work with Crate Divizion entitled “Remo Gaggi” on April 30th, 2017, and it seems as if the motive is still the same.

Big ups to the entire cast of Brown Bag Money and Crate Divizion homies. And shout out to every emcee on the east coast bringing the rhyme writer swords to those mumble rap zombies. We rock with y’all all day, every day. One.