Sweeter than a chilled glass of Chardonnay on a warm summer night, the Little Black Dress Gala continues to tingle the palette of Vancity’s local fashion-sphere. Held within the phenomenal décor of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, the night is filled with both a sartorial and charitable purpose that extends to the furthest parts of the city. Housed by its parent organization “Help Change My City” and nurtured by Founder Alpha Kirabira, the Little Black Dress Gala unites the community in eclectic ways.

The opening performances were filled with local creatives that ranged from Cultural Indian Dance to Cover Band rhythms. The night began in triumph as Alpha grabbed the mic and tied together the finishing touches. He spoke about grasping opportunities in his own life, and having the means to provide similar strides for other young spirits within the community. Alongside his parents for a  short duration while he touched a bit on his childhood, Alpha closed the opening statements with a prose that reminded us of why we were all here to begin with. We all allotted time out of our day to celebrate helping those who need it and deserve it, and although we might be gearing towards party mode, we needed to be reminded that there is a higher purpose at play. As he walked off of the stage, the crowd appreciated his words of gratitude and forward thinking, and almost instantly, the night had continued to unravel.

Founder, Alpha Kirabira [right] and Family.

There is a certain craftsmanship curated into the fabric of this entire production. As soon as you enter the Hotel and head up to the Ballrooms, you can feel the divine aesthetic dancing around the halls full of well-dressed individuals. So the second the fashion show begins, you’re stuck to the edge of your seat waiting to see what this season has in store for us. Solidified members of the Vancity design world were showcasing some of their new works. Connally McDougall has been dropping gems season after season, so to see her collection shine the way that it did at the gala was an amazing experience. Having seen her work every year at VFW, her stripes are tried-and-true, and it shows within every garment she displays. Luxury Streetwear Brand Encima by Faiz Lalani was also in attendance with models rocking his first-class threads down the runway. Having a strong admiration for streetwear brands, it’s always nice to see casual cloths illuminating the scene with urban culture. Siena Hutton and Sophia Rupprecht drenched in Bahareh Memarian stole the show, with every camera in the audience clicking-and-flashing as if to capture the last defining moments of Fashion history. From bathing suits fitting on favorable bods to ballroom gowns covered in lace, each designer brought their A-game to the table and made sure to put their names up on the board.

It is an enchanting experience to be in attendance with an array of elegant people who partake in the essence of designer fashion. The intensity of the show and the professionalism within such a scenic culture can be defined as the mixture needed to develop excellence on the fashion forefront. The Little Black Dress Gala was articulately positioned to entice the attentive eye, and throughout the entire night, its grandeur rang amongst the attendees.

Thank you to the “Help Change My City” Alliance and the Little Black Dress Gala staff for inviting us back for another lovely evening. Tomorrow we will be dropping an exclusive interview with LBDG Coordinators Sarah Hooker and Nic Waddell along with a bundle of unreleased photos from the event. So be sure to come back and check it out!

Designer List
Carolyn Bruce Designs x  Matangi x Call Me Sea x Julie Blaney Designs x Apidi O x Kim Legler x Pillar Heights x Chalett Boutique x A D A M x Rimpy Sahota x Giovanna Ricci Designs x Encima x Connally McDougall x Marilyn n Audrey x Haus of Cailyn John x Shyanj Couture x Tetyana Goloto x ASH COUTURE x Susan Harley Designs x Marie Vina Couture x Faye Tality Couture x Shiverz Designs x Oculto Masks x Nicole Rose Designs x House of Bahareh x House Gallery x De Volk & Goshe Designs