Leave it all Behind EP

One of the greatest things about hiphop is the integral need to pay homage to its own history. Both producers and emcees have the freedom to show their knowledge of the art form by simply offering tidbits of the past through their own creative style. Producer 18sense and Emcee Ric Scales b.k.a “18scales represent authenticity hiphop in their latest release entitled “Leave it all Behind” with flying colors.

We morbidly fascinated
watching final destination
in 3d.
Talkin’ bout ‘what if that was me?’
While sucker emcee speaks of killin’ casually.
To make more cake, then cast a rap about peace
got em switching up their steeze. To make a little cheese.
Cuz life ain’t as lucrative as it used to be.
While death’ll get you cash flow, hoes, and jewelry.
Thats why when I rock, I do it to a different beat
finding beauty in the hideous more than usually…
-Ric Scales on “Pass The Times”

Leave it all Behind [vinyl]

For starters, Ric Scales has a sharp pen that grafts an intellectual vibe in your ears. It’s a sense-driven appreciation for lyricism that truly shines within the boundaries of a rhyme writer. Scales opens up the project with a tidbit taken from the “When Disaster Strikes” album [1997] by Busta Rhymes stating “Hardcore like Quickdraw Mcgraw. F*ck what you heard, you aint heard Ric [this] before”, right before he lays a well-balanced verse on the EP’s intro track “Way Out Here”. Although reppin’ Cali to the fullest, it’s crazy how Scales’ style is reminiscent of a cognitive Detroit sound with a lackadaisical flow. Ric is gifted with a gourmet menu of speech and character, and complements the direction of 18sense’s beats with artful, no frill vibes and vocal composure.

The production value within this project is also a notable factor for the EP’s success. 18sense blessed the “Leave it all Behind” piece with headnod techniques in copious forms. From the airy keys and sleepless percussion of Keep em’ Clean to the bass rhythm and tambourine filled track Neighbors, 18sense manipulates classic aesthetics in order to create a new feel for the listening ear. This is not an Over-Producer bound to make some wack artist hot. 18sense brings the raw talent on wax, and it was dope to see both of these dudes work magic for the true hiphop community. Definitely a dope project, and interested in seeing what is next to sprout.