Lamarrie Essquire aka Da Flyy Hooligan is by far one of the illest lyricists of the modern age. His newest release entitled P.R.£.A.M is yet another display of lyrical talent fixated on defending the art of rhymes and flow. The density of his rhyme patterns flourish with kinetic undertones that force the listener to pay attention, but instead of hiding behind production, Lamarrie floods the ear with refined speech and style. The video, produced by the big homie Rings of Saturn, captured affluent imagery that mended well with the crisp selection of Lamarrie’s fashion ‘fits, but also, achieved the direction of the track itself flawlessly. Whispers on the road say there’s a complete project dropping from Da Flyy Hooligan in the next few months–and with the abrasive, consistent content we have seen thus far; you can be sure to expect nothing but the real.

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