Born from an extraterrestrial race and dropped off in the middle of rural Russia, Mustart was taken under the wing by a kind couple that raised him into the man he is today. At a very young age Mustart discovered freedom of expression, and by continuously diving deeper into that vibration, he developed a sense of visual projection and external communication through the tangents of Art. Today, Mustart has attributed his success through a vast amount of urban art forms, and is most notably recognized as a tried-and-true member of the Alone In Deep Space (AIDS) Crew stemming out of Jersey City, NJ.

Green Screen is the first manifestation of a new journey for Mustart’s creative ability. Deemed as a “Pop-up Visual Experience”, the Green Screen gallery revolves around uninhibited self-expression, and defines what it truly means to surrender to inspiration as it passes through the mind. With an abstract feel doused in obscurity, the collective of pieces stand out to represent moments of time captured by its creator.

With Green Screen, we get a glimpse of the rich creative experience of being “in the zone”, and is the first of many to encapsulate Mustart’s artistic purpose. The goal is to become totally immersed within a single color selected from the seven-color chakra system that we know of in the West. The intent is to study each color as it relates to one’s personal energy, as it is said that color can affect the mental state and stability of a person from a metaphysical standpoint.

Mustart’s individual color editions will be a series of unique therapeutic experiences for everyone in attendance the single-color extravaganzas. Mustart’s Green Screen will be up for viewing until June 3rd, 2017. Feel free to come by and join an artists seeking order in the chaotic systems of life.