Eccentricity is the result of collaborative efforts that stem solely from cultured perspectives. Canvas Artist and affluent Fashion Designer Greg Polisseni, alongside the late, great Andy Hilfiger have come together to fulfill such eccentric truths. Amongst the high-end Streetwear industry, their brand ARTISTIX has been a powerful force on both the NYFW and LAFW runways, as well as obtaining incredible acclaim throughout a multitude of published mediums. We had the opportunity to meet up with Greg and Andy at the ARTISTIX showroom in Downtown NYC for some photo fun, as well as pick the brains of these two talented individuals.

As an artist, tell us about your creative process. Does it change knowing that your work will be displayed on a T-Shirt, rather than just a conventional canvas?

GREG: Not at all! My creative process is always centered around creating a painting that inspires people. Whether a person finds inspiration in my original works or the digital prints on fabric, my only goal is to connect through my artistry. In the end, my process remains solid and consistent across the board. I learned at a young age that when making clothes you need to create something that’s fun, unique, and carries a message. That’s something I strive to perfect with each new collection.

Greg’s concept of printing original paintings onto fabric is a brilliant design aesthetic to say the least. What influence will such a unique concept have on the High-End Streetwear industry?

ANDY: Greg’s concept is something that the fashion industry has never seen before. The consumer is always looking for something new and creative to add to their collection. As Greg said, people love to be inspired by art, and that is exactly what we deliver. Our design concepts go beyond simply printing Greg’s paintings onto a t-shirt, we actually incorporate them into the entire make of the garment, making each piece a collectable.

How does it feel to have a Fashion Guru like Andy Hilfiger in your corner?

GREG: Having Andy on our team brings talent and experience that takes ARTISTIX to the next level. Our entire staff is full of elite progressive thinkers and Andy adds to that standard. Having such an outstanding mind on our side is both exciting and humbling to say the least.

With much prior success within the fashion industry, what motivates you to tackle a fresh new project like ARTISTIX?

ANDY: I began at ARTISTIX because I love the challenge of mixing art with fashion. My experience combining the two began while launching Tommy Hilfiger, which we saw great success with. The ARTISTX brand stays true to its core characteristics, which was more than enough for me to truly believe in its purpose.


So far, ARTISTIX walked in NYFW this past season and was picked up by fashions own ‘Lord & Taylor’. What milestones do you see the brand reaching for 2017?

GREG: My goal for ARTISTIX in 2017 is to have the line in every major store across America, and grow it into a household name. That has been a dream of mine since I started the brand. I’m sure a few more Fashion Weeks wouldn’t hurt! [laughs]

If you had to splurge on one fashion item in an outfit, what would it be?

ANDY: I love vintage, I am always collecting historical pieces. If I had to choose one item that I would splurge on it would either be a vintage Fiorucci Jean or Jumping Jack Flash boots.

And Lastly, one Fashion garment a person should never live without?

GREG: Jeans! I’ll take a nice pair over any other options.


Designer x Greg Polisseni
Marketing Director x Andy Hilfiger
Photographer x Joaquin Moncada
Model x Janelle Simon
Videographer x Giana Elenterio