The track I have for our network today is another Gem in the crown of modern Hip Hop. B.E.N.N.Y of Griselda Records released a dope single entitled Cold November, which premiered on his “17 Bullets EP” late last year. This is a classic resemblance of the realness, plain and simple. From the moment he opens up on this beat, B.E.N.N.Y commands attention with clear vocals and the annunciation of a supremely seasoned emcee. He rhymes over a stellar beat  that sounds similar to the Heatmakerz style of flipping folk rock, so while the sample takes care of hook duties, B spits three of the most honest, lyrical, and vivid verses known to man. The Buffalo, NY native starts the track off with a rewind-scratch of a bar that represents all of us who grew up with a single mother on blocks, hoods, and turfs. As of recent, B.E.N.N.Y has officially signed to Griselda Records in addition to Griselda landing a Label deal with Shady/Interscope the beginning of this new year. 

“What’s stopping me besides I come from poverty
 And never seen a man love my mother properly
( Rewind Scratch)
What’s stopping me besides I come from  poverty
And never seen a man love my mother from properly
I grew up quick I guess these streets did a lot to me
I was serving the babysitters who were watching me
I be thinking about that shit with my cigar smoking
Everytime I catch a run I feel the walls closing
That’s why you’re suppose to save up what you made
You never know you might wake up to raid
I done seen it all”

Good luck to the GxFR fam.
Long Live the SE Gang.
R.I.P MachineGun Black.