The Manhattan Lofts Series we run on CUTS  features a curated selection of elite artistry. The pure nature of NYC breeds the creative elements needed to push artistic cultures forward, and has always been a Mecca for inspiration and productivity. It is undeniable however that the West Coast counterparts in Los Angeles are doused in immense talent as well, and have a firm grip on eclectic styles and tastes within the Art and Fashion world. Today, we feature one of the most iconic streetwear brands of the modern age, and effectively connect both coasts with a few snaps of the shutter.

DOPE Clothing bridges the gap between exclusivity and accessibility by providing a high quality product for the stylish quo. Opening its store on the famous Fairfax Ave in LA, DOPE teaches the sartorial mind the art of balance with textile prints that both challenge and inspire the design aesthetic. The presence of such an entity has touched the HipHop and Fashion culture in progressive ways, and has set the standard for fashionable streetwear for almost a decade.

Appearing on the likes of Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Kendrick, and many other legends- DOPE remains lightyears away from a trendy curve as their designs reflect that classic urban feel. Most recently linking up with Freddie Gibbs for a collaborative tee shirt design, the brand continues to build rapport with certified artists while steadily pumping out creative concepts for the masses.

The DOPE brand displays a barrage of statement pieces that invoke both strength and stature in its wearer. The brand’s perspective on fashion is a tried-and-true asset to the world of casual clothing. The professional grade finishes, explicit artistic touches, and  comfortable fabric consistency has been a staple in the DOPE lineage, and continues to be a familiar ethic for their work. The true test of any streetwear brand lies within its ability to speak volumes in a silent space, and effect culture with abstract rhythms. To do that, one must not only cut, but also, be cut- from the same cloth.

Model Kiara Toro fit with magnificent poise amongst the task at hand, and used her natural abilities to orchestrate great captures. Her unique characteristics and accented demeanor were shot flawlessly, giving off that true East Coast vibe for a Westside function. “Bridging the gap between exclusivity and accessibility” happens to be a trait of CUTS as well, and we thank everyone who was involved for their commitment and efforts.

Clothing Sponsor x DOPE Clothing
Model x Kiara Toro
Photographer x Joaquin Moncada