There is mystery, and there is magic- thankful for us, Vancouver Fashion Week seems to always capture a mixture of both. With natives from both sides of the border filling up the roster of our Media Partner team this season, it was a wonderful experience seeing everyone work with such harmony and truly dedicating themselves to their professed artistry. VFW has welcomed us through the doors for our 4th season of Exclusive Coverage, and every season has been a great opportunity to connect with talented individuals, as well as spread the grand word of VanFashionWeek’s excellence.





There is a special form of density that impacts the show in a positive way. The creative bonds that piece together the fabric of the event are collectively intricate with individual purposes. South Korean Designer Brand Alogon tested their strength in the world of soft tones this season, captivating the audience with unorthodox patterning and an assortment of different stylings. The mixed ensembles displayed a flawless bomber jacket selection, as well as a few stand-alone pieces that illuminated the runway. Streetwear brand Relentless Fashion delivered one of the greatest shows of the week. Influenced by the intimate design of Indian garments, Relentless’ show was an intense presentation of contemporary divinity. And of course, the Kimono collective of Wasso Vege’s gave an enlightened twist to the tradition wears of Japanese culture. The garments were both elegant and inviting by design, and was a great way to reintroduce such a societal staple.

There are too many great concepts that flow amidst the talented designers and models in attendance. Visionaries that pave the way for sustainable fashion set the bar passed the limitations of temporary trends, and are doing their due diligence to propel the fashion world forward. Sprinkled across the board you can find personalities and backgrounds of all sorts. The ideology behind artistic hands begin with an essential yearning to create garments the world has yet to experience. And although the threads of fate may not embrace every spark of brilliance that walks the VFW runway, at least we have been gifted the chance to experience its magnificence.

*20 VIP Interviews will be released Friday 4/7/17*


  • Photographer – Ryan Summers
  • Photographer – Justin Sanchez
  • Videographer – Paul la Rosa
  • Interviewer – Jorden Jakobs
  • Interviewer – Ruby Macdonald
  • Media Coordinator – Chau Le


*More Exclusive Interviews Drop Wednesday 4/19/17*