Throughout our days of coverage for Vancouver Fashion Week, we always find little moments to mingle within the architecture of the city. Amongst the team for the first time we had a special guest shooting with us- Seattle native and photographic monster Hollis aka “Bokeh”, who assisted in capturing a few ill shots of model Anna Hirai and the underground Vancity brand, Stee Supply.

Launching late 2015, brothers Roman and Arsalan Asad began the collective known as Stee Supply. The brand incorporates a clean touch to a casual craft, and has perfected the essential style needed to compete in a world of impressive clothing lines. The comfy pieces of streetwear were developed under a High-Fashion conceptuality but remains accessible for urban style. Hand-stitched and sewn by Stee’s Resident Seamstress, the brand continues to meet the professional standard it represents.

With bridging the gap between the main polars of fashion being the primary goal of Stee, soft silks and durable cottons have become a staple in their creations. The eco-friendly approach has gifted Stee with placement in the Mecca of Vancouver creativity, The Basement By Loyal Coalition, as well as sponsorship for recreational events around the city. We all know energy attracts to its similar counterparts, so to come in contact with great people through great people,  tends to make more sense on a larger scale. With a powerful direction in style and great taste in classic touches, Stee Supply is becoming one of the true contenders in this world we call Fashion.

BRAND x Stee Supply
MODEL x Anna Hirai