Vancouver Fashion Week has been quite the event for us the passed few days. Connecting with the sartorial creatives from all around the world is the blissful opportunity we appreciate every time we venture up from the States. Amongst the elite Designers walking across the VFW runway, Toronto’s own Lesley Hampton will be premiering her newest collection for a packed venue. Lucky for us, we were invited to view the Look Book for the newest magic and we are excited to share them with you.

The great things people say about the Cosmos can also be said about Lesley Hampton’s designs: Deeply entrancing, full of mystery, and alluring by nature. What divides the plane of creativity from that of ingenuity is an in-depth grasp of designer conceptuality. Lesley prepares her collections with an ingrained purpose that resonates true to her heart, and displays it with a sense of class that connects deeply in the hearts of those who admire her work. Even to the unfamiliar, there is an undeniable energy that dances along the intricate patterns of Lesley’s garments, regardless to studio or runway presentation.

Featured in the mega magazines Vogue UK, Elle Canada, and Marie Claire USA, Lesley has been a prime participant within the Fashion realms for the passed few years. When we asked about the inspiration for her F/W17 Collections she replied, “Through this collection, I wanted to convey the message of rebirth. The colors of the collection are consistent with a sunset leading to the Golden Hour- which is when the sky turns a soft gold. It is also the time in trauma cases that is the most crucial period for treatment. This collection will give the wearer the strength to overcome any personal adversity one might encounter, with each sunset leading to a new day”. With Lesley’s last collection based around the Native American Jingle Dress (which is thought to give it’s wearer special powers), so the act of revival through fabric is an idea that makes absolute sense with the LH Line.

There is a divine characteristic aligning with Lesley craft, as her hand creates some of the most illustrious pieces the world has ever seen. A careful touch pertaining to fabric, a keen mind for individuality, and an amazing ambition to thrive has combined to create a special talent. Not only is the truth more apparent than ever, but the idea that such profound moments can be created year after year is astounding and impressive in the same breath. Make sure to visit the Vancouver Fashion Week page to stream the show live for the rest of the week, as Lesley Hampton will be showing this Friday. Don’t miss the chance to experience an amazing presentation, and thank you Lesley for being the dopeness that you always are. Ciao.

Photographer: Emanuel Pires
Model: Dina from Plutino Group
MUA: Rebecca Hils
Hair: Peter Potrus