Behind the cultured soul lies virtue and clarity. To mend both worlds together by way of design involves an intuitive attitude, and an uncanny approach to existing in this world. What separates the Great from the Elite is scripted in pencil drawn lines- erased once by the translucent flavors of the consumer eye, and then reconstructed by the hands of the gifted few. With Vancouver Fashion Week in a couple of days, we would like to introduce you to one of those talented individuals. The VFW accredited, Encima Clothing.

Enlightened by a contemporary notion, Encima Clothing creates a casual experience with a flawless touch. The Encima repertoire is equipped with classic pieces dipped in comfortable tones. The fitting cuts and dimensions of the brand are well balanced, and speak a prestige language that comforts itself around khaki and denim. Faiz Lalani, Designer of Encima Clothing briefly stated, “I’am inspired to design unique pieces that truly shows off one’s individuality. I don’t like blending in.” when we asked about his inspiration for this collection. To expand a bit, Encima in a sense is blending out by being cool and stylish up front, but fancying up any given ensemble at the same time.

The Vancouver-based brand has expanded it’s audience by partaking in trade shows back in the States, which laid tally marks on the milestone board for the startup company. The evolved Encima F/W’17 collection is bold and brawn. Simple and defined. Immune to time as it is carries consistency for both the wearer’s character and style of fashion. Being Faiz’s third time at VFW, we expect a very sensational showing as an Opening Day spot is a crucial slot to have for such an event. To preview the pieces on the illuminated runway will be a showing to remember, and a damn good time. See you there.