A group of the most illustrative rhyme writers with complex abilities were born from the fruitful concrete of Jersey. It’s almost disrespectful how many slaps across the head 7TRiiiBES has been giving to emcees for years. You can go as far back through CUTS archive as you want but the influential style, energetic synchronicity, and organic material of the Triiibe has always been a tremendous force within hiphop. We are thrilled to bring you a CUTS Exclusive Shoot and Official Premiere of 7TRiiiBES and their new song “Yesterdaze News”.

There is something to be said about a group of artists that rock well together. Not only is the dynamic and functionality there, but it’s hard to say, on an individual level– that any one of them are wack. 7TRiiiBES is the Alabama State of independent hiphop, and I say that confidently despite last seasons championship. Why? Because each member brings a strength that assists another member with their weakness. So even though there is a collaborative effort at hand, there are distinguishing factors that blend together to create a well-rounded piece of real rap.

“As the plot thicken. Got no time to get the watch glistened. My moms riffin and my pops bitchin’. My block missin’ and the pot whippin’. Them glocks spittin’ and them shots hittin’. Waking up every day with them Pac visionz”- ABOVE


“Eric the Red”

Alongside the photographic visionary Joshua Reyes, the scenic portraits and monochromatic tones were perfect in delivering the right energy. The visual concept worked well with the official release of “Yesterdaze Newz”. Raw imagery has always been a token of the 7TRiiiBES catalog, and we are glad to add our expertise to the unfuckwitable growth of these emcees.

The track itself is the perfect follow up to their latest video release for SOLiDiFiED that dropped a few weeks ago. “Yesterdaze News” not only gives tribute to the OG’s of rap in a very direct fashion, but just the mere fact that the Triiibe spits in the format and cadence that they do, is the best way to give props to the forefathers who taught you what hiphop truly is.

Ki Bohiti

Durag & Live Higher

Ki & Kast Revo

We look forward to working with the Triiibe more in the future, and stay tuned for their next full project entitled “Still Seeking”.