Photos by Sante’3

NJ vocalist and funk-vibe sensation Eni’ has been dominating the East Coast airwaves as of recent. Native to the Hudson River coasts of Hoboken, Eni has taken flight with her groovy ballad entitled “Kiss’n in the Dark” which has been in rotation on both Hot97 and Power 105.1 in NYC. With a brilliant cadence and the forward progression of a freight train, Eni continues to bless the ears of a listening audience, and fundamentally shines in such an eloquent way. We had a chance to go through a few questions with Eni, and dive a little deeper into the mind of a flourishing artist.

Having been to Hoboken plenty of times in my teen years, I feel there has always been different conceptions about people depending on where in Hoboken they lived. How did your piece of Hoboken contribute to your growth as not only an artist, but a person as well? 

I grew up in the hood, Hoboken Housing Authority, for low income residents. There was violence, drug abuse, and other criminal activities but overall, we were all one family. We did our best as a community by developing activities and programs for the youth and looked out for each other.

I remember there being a huge green wall for hand paddle, a four court basketball area and a baseball field right outside of my window of 510 Jackson St. Kids were always outside playing and making trouble, but it was fun. There were times I would get bullied because I looked a bit different and dressed like a tomboy. But all of that negative energy helped me grow thick skin.

We had our own culture within Hoboken and as an artist I took away the sounds and overall rhythm that my environment engulfed. From the music that my Grandmother would play in her kitchen while cooking up some delicious rice and beans, to the boom boxes bumping hip-hop, R&B or house music. There was a certain walk, a certain talk and a certain flow that became part of me.

Kiss’n in the Dark has been the tune of the tri-state area, reaching the waves of NY powerhouses Hot97 and Power 105.1. What would you say is the ‘thing’ that attracts so many people to your hit single?

The overall vibe and energy of the record makes people feel good and feel sexy. It makes you want to groove and enjoy yourself. It’s an instant classic. There is just no denying good music. The production is phenomenal and the entire melody is super catchy. I felt amazing doing the song, and I projected that same energy within the music video. People are always telling me how much they feel the energy of the record and that’s fantastic. It’s really a vibe!

If you had to point a listener to another favorite song of yours, which would it be and where would they find it?

Everything is unreleased at the moment and to be honest I believe I have a lot of fire in the vaults thats different from what everyone is listening to. I actually posted a little clip previewing a song I created with weird visuals and received a lot of comments on it. The song is called “Don’t Say You Love Me” or #DSYLM. We are working on the visuals and the overall artistic format of my music. That is very important to me. I want my music to always resonate with people both sonically and visually.

What can the fans and audience look forward to from Eni in 2017?

More momentum, more #ENIVIBES, and a lot of grind! Just stay tuned to my social media and follow my journey. It’s pure grind, motivating, and inspiring to many. I am in this for the long run so my sleeves are always rolled up!