Seattle Fashion Blogger and Sartorial Stylist Jorden Jakobs, is an elite member of the progressive Fashion world. Jorden derives her particular edge from personal refinement through a stylistic approach. Her level of chic is represented by a collective of brands that blend well on the surface, and are well-suited for every seasonal opportunity. There is an intricate appeal to the seasoned eye that radiates from Jorden’s repertoire, and if not by choice, by mere fate alone– Jorden is an absolute natural to the industry.

Working in the past with powerhouses such as Marie Claire and Coach, Jorden has attracted many like-energies from the fashion-sphere and continues to be persistent in her endeavors. Additionally, she is also a Vancouver Fashion Week accredited personality, making her debut in the F/W Season of 2016. Charismatic, relatable, and driven- Jorden Jakobs delivers great taste and knowledge to those looking for enticing ideas or casual inspiration.

Some people make an impact, and others, are the impact. From attending Charity events such as EcoFashionWeek and the Little Black Dress Gala, to participating in grand produced Fashion functions all over the West, Jorden Jakobs creates her own lane amongst the elites and connects with the many brilliant minds along the way.