The great city of Vancouver is a creative oasis in many shades of fashion. Within the Designer and Runway cusps lie specific individuals who assist in creating a magnificent display. Understanding the principles and trends of the fashion mind are traits directly connected to the Cosmetic Specialist, so when a branded niche meets the composed hands of a professional, the results are nothing less than remarkable.

MUA Chau Le is a trailblazing creative with an assortment of enchanting ideas. A Vancouver Fashion Week accredited MUA and avid participant in the Vancity modeling sect, Chau has touched the faces of many affluent members within the fashion community. Her craft is an elegant flavor of reconstructive abilities for both flat and toned simplicity, and the more symmetrical art pieces on body canvases.

Most recently, Chau entered into the “Live on Stage Talent Search” at the Cabana Lounge in Downtown Van, where different categories of artists competed for $2500 across the board. In addition, the knowledge she has acquired through powder and palette are further empowered by a “See the model, Be the model” outlook, where Chau has also been the subject of the camera lens as well. Having both perspectives under her belt, she brings about a different experience as one side balances the other, and you can tell, the overall implementation is delivered from a very unique mental space.

Having kicked it with Chau a few times after fashion events, she most certaintly has the personality and class to do well amongst the formalities of such a concentrated community. She showed the CUTS Team around the last time we ventured across the border for the Little Black Dress Gala (to which she walked for a few designers), and introduced us to a few new talents as well. As a result, we are glad to announce she will be an official part of the CUTS Media Partner team for this upcoming Vancouver Fashion Week!

Shout outs to everyone doing something extraordinary in Vancouver. See you soon!