In today’s age, the consensus around artistic circles has been tainted with a quantitative outlook. Some believe putting out music on a consistent basis is the life-secret to gaining a buzz. While that may suffice for a certain niche of artist, the true test is graded once a compilation of material is presented in a complete package. Once the entire project becomes an extensive feat, rather than just another single to keep our ears occupied, and their names, relevant- we can start to paint a complete picture of the artist and figure out if they belong in the art gallery of our playlists.

Prod. by The Beat Armada & Track Addictz

Today, TDH dropped his first full-length project entitled “Finally It’s Real”, backed by music extraordinaires CTMG. Based out of Tacoma, WA, TDH is a fundamental resemblance of hood and truth while delivering lyrical jabs for the aggressive quo. Not in style but in context, “Finally It’s Real” reminded me of “Gangsta and a Gentleman” by Styles P at times. The hard-pressed bravado and street analogous was embedded deep in the tissue of the project, but also had its moments of uplift and self-reflection. We previously declared TDH the Braggadocio of Rap a few weeks back, and that continues to be an accurate assumption.

Lyrically, TDH is gifted in the category of cadence. His lungs exhale air that is destined to be in front of a microphone, and the fact that his pen game is descriptive in nature, is simply icing on the cake. Every verse commanded the listener to pay attention to a barrage of real rap. No fluff, no frills, REAL RAP. Finally It’s Real took many shapes instrumentation wise, and although majority of the time rappers will fall short as “one-trick ponies”, TDH manipulated his craft to fit a vast amount of sound, and did his best to create symmetry throughout the LP.

On Both Sides

Production Wise– Here is where it gets tricky. I feel the beat selection could have been a bit more cohesive. I personally enjoy a wide sound where one track has the bass knock, another track has some synths, and then another sports piano riffs- but I believe the attempt to hit different sonic peaks worked more against TDH than for him. The production was not wack by any means, but the flow of the album seemed to move about rigidly. There were some production bangers in there no doubt, but had the entire project been a 9-track display created in the same mental space as “Splish Splash”, there is no doubt in my mind that Finally It’s Real would have been twice as good.

Artist Wise– TDH has so much character in his voice it’s ridiculous, and he uses it in a way that suits his creative style. His voice is so clear that it is almost impossible to not listen attentively. That’s how I know homie got bars. He forces you to hear what he has to say, while giving you a mixed palette of street consciousness. The pen game is serious, the flow structure is serious, and the overall demeanor is nothing to play with.

CUTS Rating
4.5 out of 7