So we know 7TRiiiBES always got the bangers on deck, and smart moves are power moves, let us never forget that. It is almost to the point that every drop from the Triiibe is going to be a dope rendition of pure hiphop, and todays track entitled SOLiDiFiED is a continuation of such truths. But even when you look passed the elite lyricism and filthy video direction, 7TRiiiBES also understands the ebb and flow of their groups powerful momentum. They shaved down the structure of the artists rhymes to a 12-bar format and immediately dropped the chorus up front to allow it to be laid three times in the song. They avoided falling into the trap of losing the viewers attention from overexposure, which is key to leaving a memorable and appreciated experience. Every time 7TRiiiBES takes a quick hiatus and then drops a joint, that only means there is more in store for the near future. SOLiDiFiED is another authentic piece of hiphop, and we are always grateful to peep the steeze.