Straight off a plane from JFK and into the traditional rain of a Seattle February, the Juke Bounce Werk artist and long time homie Scatta dropped in for a quick visit. It being his first time under our gray-stricken skies, we had a chance to show Scatta around the city. The real city. The architectural, casually balanced resemblance of the quainter Seattle. It was dope to relive some of the areas that sit parallel to the usual paths while constantly drifting into this weird vicarious space driven by Scatta’s first view of the Emerald City. Our in-house photog Ryan Summers captured the organic responses to Scatta’s first experiences, and we got the chance to run down a few questions throughout the remainder of his stay, PLUS premiere a CUTS Exclusive track as well.

Think back. What can you tell us about your evolution as an artist?

First off, shout out to the homies  Mondo and Two23 who taught me how to mix! That being said, I feel like I have always had the talent of a visually creative person, and sharing music was more of just an outlet for me at first. I attended Parsons School of Design in NY up until about ’08, and once I realized it wasn’t for me, my artistic focus shifted a bit. I remember editing skateboard videos with tracks from Dj Shadow and Erol Barnes, and found my self gravitating towards the Madlib/Quasimoto and Dilla side of music. With tracks from Hubert Daviz and the London Club series ‘FabricLive’ always in rotation too, my inspirations kind of set the tone to what would unknowingly become Scatta later on. If I wasn’t doing artwork then I was mixing music, but once I realized how much I enjoyed being a musician I figured it was time to make that transition from a visual to a sonic dude. I still draw and shit but, ya know.

So. Thoughts on Seattle as a first-timer?

Man this shit is LIT. It doesn’t need to be said but fuck it, I’ll say it anyway- the weed game is something serious. I’m from Jersey, so the legality and accessibility to such a wide selection is the best part. To truly feel the difference between a Sativa versus an Indica were so real, and it’s definitely something we NEVER get back home. But even more so, I’ve enjoyed the ease of the city- The mountain views in the distance across clear ass water, the natural arrangement of the trees, and the even the overcast was all so dope and relaxing. Plus, the one night we went out to Capitol Hill, man, the girlies here have no shame in their game what-so-ever. Make eye contact and give a little head-nod, and the world is yours my G.

And lastly, what can we expect from Scatta in the near future?

Well this Tuesday [2/14/17] I will be in LA doing a set for Dublab Radio from 2-4pm PST with Kush Jones, DMY, and a bunch of JBW heads. The homie Blanco will be the special guest in the building, and we are all going to kill that shit. From there we will be at Tokyo Beat performing from 9-2am, and that’s where it really pops off because mad heads are rolling through. As for projects, I got a collab LP entitled ‘Primos’ with the homie Regent Street and Los, and I also have a solo joint named ‘Disquiet’ that I am restructuring at the moment. I ended up pulling some of the tracks from ‘Disquiet’ to make the UNTLD EP that dropped on Christmas, so make sure to check that out and stay tuned for some more classic shit. Thanks for showing ya boy so much love, I fucks with y’all!