London Town Lord Emcee Da Flyy Hooligan dropped a gem entitled Wu Baby on his Soundcloud last year in August. With its sequel set to drop in early this year, Da Flyy Hooli is once again set to style on these peasants and place his wallabee’s on the jaw of Hip Hop. Wu Baby has Da Flyy Hooligan rapping over a sample sliced from The Dramatics which was also used on Ghostface Killah’s “Wise” track- a bonus track added to the classic Canadian edition of Supreme Clientele. Hard drums and a faded loop illuminate the sonic backdrop like a Cuban Link chain in a fog filled london alley. When you listen to a Flyy Hooligan verse, you can pick up a variety of fashion gems that your closet will thank you for, while also getting your gutter gun talk fix. So grimey you should be able to buy it with the EBT.

Stone Wash Levi and suede Timbs
Cruising in the beamer with no tints
Double barrel shot off his limbs
No remorse for you sly cunts
Wifey stomped on his nuts
With her Sb dunks

On my Instagram I said Da Flyy Hooligan is Slick Rick and Nas in a blender, a large claim to say the least, but take one listen to the Wu Baby project and the proof will be undeniable. Be cool or be careful.