I was first introduced to Aleicia Nicole by CUTS writer Jones Herald, for a track she released entitled GooseHer manager shot me an email this morning and attached was, in my opinion, one of Aleicia’s greatest pieces. Like watching a break up with your ears, this collaboration with Florida vocalist GNRA entitled “Don’t Forget The Times” is aesthetically pleasing from all angles. What has always been dope about Aleicia is the pure strength that resonates from both her vocal tone and beat selection. There is a certain energy perpetuated through her voice that invites the ear and holds its attention, while the instrumentation sets the perfect melody for the context. GNRA brought the blessings to this track as well, as he played an award winning supporting role by orchestrating not only the resistance to Aleicia’s fed-up demeanor, but also by taking control of the chorus as well. It set precedent for the yin and yang effect and worked in a miraculous way. In its entirety there was a great balance between the two, as the track is classically structured and technically sound. Enjoy.