A 1,200 second eargasim is the best way I can describe the Sadevillan EP created by Portsmouth, UK producer Seanh2k11. As it may seem, Sadevillan is a mash up of two of the most cult-classic artists of the last 25 years, Sade and MF Doom. Sade’s “Kiss of Love” was first sampled on MF Doom’s track “Doomsday” and the 8 songs on this project play like an extended journey through that track. Sadevillian is the best creation since Netflix Originals, organic rolling papers, and rubbers. This project has received positive acclaim on both Youtube and Datpiff respectively, but I think it deserves much, much more credit. MF Doom and Sade’s vocal style mix perfectly, creating a vibe that gives you the feeling of being in an old school Spoken Word poetry spot in the hood. So whether it’s during your next sativa session or on your commute home from work, take a second to peep the Sadevillian project. Be cool or be careful.