The braggadocio of rap is a key element to its existence and success. It is a witty way to show off the talent of your pen and the cadence in your flow, rather than scripting a story-based or topic driven song. TDH of Chart Toppas Music Group hit the 360 windmill both visually and musically in this piece entitled “Splish Splash” by not letting such an orchestrated beat shine brighter than his lyrical talent. Lyrically, TDH had the entire repertoire of punchlines, flow, and aggression needed to challenge the dope instrumentation and did not rely on the producer to make the song hot. That is the mark of a true penman.¬†Representing a city we have yet to feature an artists from- Columbus, OH has claimed an ill emcee, and apparently, a skillful team of dudes as well. If you rock with this joint, TDH has been dropping mad visuals as of late¬†so go knock ya head to some of the other works too. Peep.