With production credits on NY rapper Jay Ham’s Studio Art album, EQ IIIRDeYE has circled back around to drop a completely different visual concept. Equipped with a Sony A7rii in the fascinating lands of Grenada, EQ and his bro Forever Dreamin’ Astro teamed up to film the epic visual artistry created for this track entitled, “Rain”. We are so used to hearing EQ’s beats with lyrics over them, that it was a dope surprise to hear his craft stand on its own for a closer view. NY Guitarist Mike Green (who recently jammed out with the late, great Erick Sermon) joined the project by laying down numerous electric guitar riffs over EQ’s mellowed out instrumentation, and helping set the melody for such beautiful work. Another dope release from the homie EQ IIIDeYe, and big ups to the strong ears-n-eyes support system of Mike Green and Dreamin’ Astro, the entire project was sick. Peep.