A photographer’s job is to literally capture time. Now think about that for a second. Capture. Time. It is true that the third eye a photographer possesses is destined to tackle such an omnipotent request but the divine minds of the skilled execute the feat with flawless delivery, and conquer the beast with both shutter-and-flash. From cityscapes to nature shots, lifestyle to live event photography–our in-house photographer, Ryan Summers, is a declaration of excellence within a number of intricacies.


Mangchi Hammer Band

Gavin Matts

Sophia Rupprecht x Thunderdome

The greatness of working with creative minds like Ryan’s is their uncanny ability to see through structural boundaries. They seek to use their talents from a multi-genre standpoint, focusing more on the distance of their abilities, rather than the parameters that classify one photographer from the next. Without a doubt, the eye perceiving the world through Ryan’s 5D Mark II lens has collected passions from a worldly view, and if nothing else is certain, the wisdom of the shooter has proven to be truth time and time again.

Olympic National Park, WA

Summers has sat in the awkwardness of a Fashion Week photo pit for hours, snapping pictures of Vancity models rocking international designer brands. He has pitched tents on the most Northwestern coast of the U.S., focusing his camera lens on the progression of nature and stars. And in an instant, the capturing of a lifelong energy is shown in a real way- collecting time and piecing together the parts of an eternal art form

Sodo (Seattle, WA)

The Needle

Ryan is a great example to never limit yourself to being one-dimensional as a photographer, since the eye that crafts your deepest passion will learn how to find its way through any visual perspective. It is only when you realize how eventful life actually is that snapping pictures becomes the accredited norm it was created to be. Whichever way you look at it, when it comes to the divine oath a photographer swears to uphold- there are few Time Capturers better than Ryan Summers.