The defining lines that separate truth and bias tend to be flawed in both directions- for one persons experience can not topple another’s preference. Indeed, an appreciation for pattern and palette comes from a lifetime of experiential progression. But to measure the strengths of artists, one must understand the language in which they speak, as well as the subtleties that represent their passion.

Stemming from the fine lands of NJ, Kelvin and Kelby Vera incorporate an abstract perspective with a contemporary twist that gleams of form and texture. It is candy to the brain when colors crash into beautiful tertiary blends that are well balanced within the imagery. The Vera Twins  are gifted with the talent of spreading a color scheme from corner to corner evenly, using a vast palette to boot, and still not lose the paintings purpose due to over-saturation. Being fundamentally solid and vividly adventurous, the Vera boys continue to create ill works for the curious mind.

The English novelist Charlotte Bronte said, “The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye”. Now while this quote is based on looking someone in the eye in response to finding a truth, art, does this in the opposite.  The Vera Twins save you the trouble of searching for truth, but rather, put their truths on display one engaging piece at a time. Whether it be manipulating the hues of the inanimate, crafting the curves of the human anatomy, or distorting the forms of the world, Kelvin and Kelby add their special touch to the artistic culture.

With an intricate eye for detail and a canvas full of surreality, the Vera Twins possess an element of conceptual intelligence, and hands keen enough to create the vision. Big ups to these two professionals doing talented work, and feel free to visit the VERA TWINS art page as well for more of their gems.