I swear to god you don’t feel me fully…

All we expect our fellow listener to do is catch the flow and listen close. But in the same breath we also expect the artist to give us a vibe we can connect with. Something that runs parallel to the norm and offers a different perspective within the infinite boundaries of hiphop, rather than the same old tune poisoning our stream of consciousness- That is the call of the starved ear. UGLYFRANK‘s music is a safe haven from the “claps and snares” of the modern world, and focuses more on the connecting lines of the lyrical talent. This specific track MEDS4, was featured on UGLYFRANK’s latest release entitled Jimmy Kimmel, which dropped just a couple of days ago. With an artistic perspective as abstract as the album title, UGLYFRANK continues to be the potent rapper we enjoy, as well as keeping consistent with the pocket he has created for himself. We look forward to every new release and personally, will be visiting the Real Art Tacoma venue to see him live again. Now let’s all vibe out to the ill shit.

“Fresher than ever Im steady peddling medicine heavy thuggin’ on my front porch, push a porcelain pony package and cop me a porsche, if I ever divorce my habit of rapping of course I’m back in that acura” UGLYFRANK

UGLYFRANK’s “Jimmy Kimmel” EP