It was about a year ago when I first wrote about Westside Gunn, Conway, and GxFr. I shared a track by Westside Gunn entitled Never Coming Home featuring Tiona D, and since then, I’ve learned two things about Conway. One being that him and Westside Gunn are real brothers, and the other is that Conway the Machine is one of the illest emcees in the game right now. His first two albums The Devils Reject 1&2 are lyrical depictions of life and death, failure, and success all experienced on the eastside of Buffalo, NY. This track I’m sharing with our network today entitled Draft Day is off The Devils Reject 1. Conway delivers phenomenal sports metaphors and punchlines delivered inside a flawless flow, and nicely seasoned with GxFr signature street flavor.

Im from A city where everybody hate here

Everyday it’s A wake here

They just come to your funeral fronting and crying fake tears

This shit is like kuwait here

Niggaz go to the feds they talent just go to waste here

I know little niggaz thats selling weight here

Dropped outta school he could’ve been Shabazz Napier

Conway will soon drop one of the most anticipated albums of the quarter entitled G.O.A.T (Grimiest Of All Time) and it’s sure to be another classic in the GxFr catalog. Before I leave you guys to bask in Conway’s brilliance while smoking your blunts, joints, or bowls I wanna give you guys one more fire Joint from Conway. This second track entitled Wraithful is off The Devils Reject 2, and solidifies Conway’s style in the first few bars alone. Be cool or be careful.