The silent rivalry between high-fashion and streetwear does not exist within the boundaries of CUTS. An appreciation of beauty should start at the ground level of any creative process, and once identified, can be used as a compass to navigate through many creative ventures. Abstract and realism are polar opposites in terms of art, yet, once the eye understands the differing greatness between the two, it is easier to accept both forms for what they truly are. So when we decided to put runway model Sophia Rupprecht into Washington streetwear brands Electric Sex and PolyRev (Tacoma Thunderdome), we did not realize just how dope it would be…

Sophia USD

With Vancouver Fashion Week and the Little Black Dress Gala accreditations, Sophia Rupprecht has been a jaw-dropping resemblance of chic. To see her draped in the purest form of streetwear threads seemed at first to be oxymoronic in nature. But here’s the thing. Most models carry an aura tailored specifically for a set genre. But when the culture calls for a solidified gem to represent many facets of fashion, only few are flexible enough to handle the task. Thankfully, Sophia was the perfect cross between clean and comfort and fit well inside the fashion blends of the Thunderdome.

sophia army


Let it be known, the boys Tom Long (Electric Sex) and Alex Schelhammer (PolyRev) are no newbies to the artistic world. Their shop in Tacoma is attached to a HUGE music venue that hosts some of the most talented musicians from around the country. In fact, Tom has done work with our Visual Director back in NY years before CUTS even launched. The foresight and determination of both clothing lines is on par with the best we have had the opportunity to work with thus far. So there is no denying that both Sophia and the brands share more than just a love for fashion, but also, a love for artistic expression as a whole.


With absolute certainty, the ruggedness of the street apparel mixing with the celestial grace of Sophia sat peacefully within the camera lens. There was no clash or quarrel as the shutter clicked and captured this wonderful work of art in motion. The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony print and tie-dye patterns have been a staple in the growth of the Thunderdome. Absent of all the hems and tailoring, Sophia showed us her chill laid back side for once which was comforting to experience, but ravishing in its delivery.

Sophia poly rev

So break down those walls that separate the fashion world as we know it, and bask in the everlasting glory of potential every side has to offer. For the yin and yang of the world does not allow discrepancies to rule all, but consequently, help each other grow through respect and balance. From the good ole’ PNW to Vancity, the possibilities are endless.

Sophia couch

Sophia Rupprecht