CUTS Photog Ryan Summers, Fashion Blogger Jorden Jakobs, and I ventured north passed the border for another glamorous fashion event. Due to our Media Partnership with Vancouver Fashion Week, we were invited as special guest to the affair, which, to say the least, was far more immense than any of us expected. Between the glitz of tuxedos and cocktail dresses that decorated the halls of the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and the collaborative energy that brightened the rooms of such an exquisite event- we found ourselves being mesmerized again and again by the sartorial talents displayed as the night unfolded.





The Little Black Dress Gala was bathed in excellence. Orchestrated in part by the Help Change My City Alliance, the gala was an eloquent display of transcendence between fashion and charity. Local designers of the Vancouver community came together in an attempt to shed light on the at-risk and homeless youth within Metro Vancouver. Not only was the night dipped in fashion forward progress alongside the fundraiser concept, but the rhythmic harmony of the attendees paved the way for the designers and models to showcase their beautiful crafts.


“A compassionate feat of epic proportion” is an accurate description for such a runway event. It was, indeed, an intimate gathering fixated on propelling knowledge and style to the forefront of conversation. Amongst a roster of over twenty designers, heavy hitters Bahareh Memarian, Atelier Grandi, and Giovanna Ricci were a few showing their collections, as well as some of CUTS’ favorite models Siena Hutton and Sophia Rupprecht, who were also strutting their stuff across the runway. The only thing better than familiar faces are beautiful familiar faces, and lucky for us, there were many in the area for us to gravitate toward. As if the world had stopped for a second, we were allowed the opportunity to look, drink, laugh, and experience the greatness that the Little Black Dress Gala has been known for the passed four years.

Siena Hutton / Sophia Rupprecht

cred: Silvester Law/Claude Duke


In an attempt to implement a stream of consciousness flow, the show proceeded with one designer presenting right after the next, and before we knew it, the show was over. Although the actual event had come to a close, the festivities had just begun. Everyone flooded into the hallways to top off their wine glasses and dabble amongst each other. Models posed for pictures as designers drifted around to shake hands with the media and patrons. The gala had been a success, and now, it was time to mingle and party.

A special thank you to the coordinators Nicolaus Waddell and Sarah Hooker (above) for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of a lovely evening. Also a special thank you to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, the Help Change My City Alliance, and everyone that came out to support the cause. We look forward to coming back next season! Ciao.

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